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    Recently divorced and with no true direction to her life, Alice Washington (Cybill Shepherd) returns to Smith College to finish her degree. Unfortunately, her excitement quickly turns into frustration when the prim-and-proper Alice is accidentally paired with roommate Zoe Burkis (Corri English), a pink-haired rebel the same age as Alice’s kids, who has come to Smith specifically to get away from her mother. As the semester progresses, so does Alice’s personal growth. She becomes Smith’s oldest-ever basketball player, and reconnects with her youthful spirit in building a relationship with Zoe. But everything she has worked for is put at risk when she begins sharing a mutual attraction with her poetry professor, Terry O’Neil (Jeffrey Nordling), who Zoe also has a serious crush on. When the college dean catches wind of the alleged teacher-student relationship, it puts the budding romance - and Alice’s resurgent education - in jeopardy.

    Cast & Crew: Cybill Shepherd, Tracey Costello, Pat Crawford Brown, Al Sapienza, Nicole Dalton, Corri English, Jeffrey Nordling...

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    Production: Executive Producer: Jack Grossbart
    Executive Producer: Linda L. Kent
    Producer: Kyle A. Clark

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