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    Jane Alexander, an attractive, athletic San Francisco woman, is enjoying a comfortable life in Pacific Heights with the man she loves, handsome, charismatic Tom O'Donnell. Jane's idyllic life is shattered when her beloved Aunt Gertrude McCabe is brutally murdered in San Jose. Jane's heartbreak turns to horror when a brilliant police detective, Jack Morris, finally convinces her that the killer is none other than her beloved boyfriend, Tom O'Donnell. Jane embarks on an epic journey to track down and convict the wily and resourceful O'Donnell, astonishing both police and prosecutors for her shrewdness and tenacity. In the end, using largely circumstantial evidence collected by Jane Alexander and Jack Morris, Tom O'Donnell is convicted of first degree murder.

    Cast & Crew: Ally Sheedy, Sean Patrick Flannery, Meat Loaf, Patty McCormack, Nia Peeples...

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    Production: Executive Producer: Sonny Grosso
    Executive Producer: Larry Jacobson
    Executive Producer: Tara Long
    Executive Producer: Eric Mitchell
    Executive Producer: Jason Piette
    Producer: Kyle A. Clark

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