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    Blue-Eyed Butcher Premiered March 3rd on Lifetime 


    This is the true story of lovely young Susan Wright, who thought she had the "fairy-tale" marriage. However, Susan's life becomes a nightmare when Jeff, her husband starts to show new sides of himself causing them to fight. Susan wants to do good and be the perfect wife and mother to please her husband but unfortunately Jeff has little patience and it turns out he's a drug addict with a habit for physical and verbal abuse. Susan starts to feel like a prisoner of terror in her own house, unable to leave her husband because of fear and financial issues. Ultimately, Susan kills Jeff in an outburst of pent-up rage, stabbing him almost 200 times and hiding the body in the backyard. She claims it was self defense... 

    Cast & Crew: Sara Paxton, Lisa Edelstein, Justin Bruening...
    Production: Executive Producer: Judith Verno
    Executive Producer: Frank Von Zerneck
    Co-Executive Producer/Director: Stephen Kay
    Producer: Kyle A. Clark
    Producer: Mary Martin
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